EngSci Club Execs Photoshoot

I did this photoshoot in early October in a little corner in EngSci common room. I always wanted to blog about it, but I never had the time to have set up a blog… Now I finally could.

Here is one of the final products (after a little bit retouching in photoshop):

EngSci Execs Photoshoot. October 2013. © William Ye

As you can see the photo itself is not that interesting. What is so interesting about it is the BTS story.

Basically during the middle of the photoshoot, one of the execs asked me if I could take a group photo for her and her friends. I was surprised since I was never told to take group pictures. I had an 85mm prime lens only, and I only brought those 7 inch reflector as my light modifier. As we could all imagine, if I were to use this standard reflector to evenly light a group, even if it’s only a group of four, I would have to move the light pretty far away from the group, and the light would be really harsh. Therefore, the first thing I did was I went all the way back to the other end of the room, and I was lucky since I found that 85mm was wide enough to cover the whole group. The second thing I had in my mind was to aim the light at the ceiling and bounce. Obviously I need to adjust the strobe power. What made it worse was I left my light meter at home. It took me quite a bit effort to have chimped the exposure right for the headshots previously, and I needed to chimp again. However, I got really lucky since I got the exposure right (or the way I liked it to be) in the first try!

All in all, it took me only 2 minutes to have configured my headshot lighting set up to a group shot set up, and I was really happy with the result.

Below are some group photos. I didn’t retouch these photos other than a bit tweak in color and contrast in Lightroom:

EngSci Group Photo. October 2013. © William Ye

EngSci Group Photo. October 2013. © William Ye

EngSci Group Photo. October 2013. © William Ye

EngSci Group Photo. October 2013. © William Ye

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