November 11 2013 Ranting

So according to the DxO marking, the sensor in sony A7R scored 95, while that in Nikon D800E scored 96, and people got excited because they could get close to Nikon D800E performance in a Sony camera (OMG what about let’s throw a party or organize a parade or something).

Well folk, first of all, Nikon D800E is two years old; second, Nikon D800E is using a sensor developed by Sony two years ago. So Sony finally came out something they could have come out two years ago, and us Sony users got so hyper. That’s almost like hearing “Oh my goodness after two years we are finally not inferior”, which, to me, sounds very ironic and depressing.

Obviously I currently don’t need 36mp resolution, and I am perfectly aware that megapixel count is not everything. What I don’t understand is why Sony is resting on being mediocre, instead of pushing forward and going for the top (for instance, they had 36mp sensor two years ago, but they just chose not to use it their own camera). The A99 they released last year was supposed to be a Nikon D800/Canon 5D3 competitor, but end up becoming one of the Nikon D600/Canon 6D kind. As a Minolta/Sony loyalty (or rather, having invested so much in Alpha mount that it is not feasible to switch brand), I don’t want to see that…

Anyways, I wish Sony good luck because I still have faith for this brand. I am not a marketing expert, so none of the stuff I said above may make actual marketing sense. I just need a little platform for me to rant. That’s why I chose to post it here, and I will not promote this blog post. If you happen to come across to this post and don’t agree with what I am saying, please be kind since this is my personal opinion.